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We Service Customers in Upstate New York


Welcome to Dudley Poultry

Distributors of Fine Quality Poultry and Related Products Since 1963

Serving government agencies and other customers in Upstate New York as a wholesale distributor, Dudley Poultry Company, Inc. has manufactured, marketed and distributed fine quality poultry and related products since 1963. We offer Fresh Chicken, Custom Cut Chicken, Frozen Chicken and Pre-Cooked Chicken as well as other meats such as Beef, Pork, and Turkey.

Think Spring, Think Ham!

Dudley Poultry has Spring Hams. We carry a variety of quality John Morrell Hams, the finest, juiciest cuts, slowly baked to perfection including; boneless, semi-boneless, whole, halves, and E-Z cut Hams. If we don’t have the cut of Ham you want in stock we will gladly order it for you. Click on the catalog and search for ham to see all of your choices.  Call a salesperson today.

NEW – Finger Lakes Gourmet Hams

Dudley Poultry brings you our very own Finger Lakes Gourmet hams.  Delicious boneless hams made the old fashioned way. Hand trimmed, locally wood smoked and ready to heat and eat, or slice and serve cold.  Old fashioned flavor, perfect for the smaller family, try them today!  Click on the catalog and search for ham to see all of your choices.

Fresh from your Fryer

We strive to carry what your customers eat.  Here at Dudley we carry a full line of Frozen Food Service items. Wing Dings, Wing Zings, Chicken Tenders, Fritters, and Nuggets. Battered Mushrooms, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, Jalapeno’ Cheddar Poppers, even Beer Battered Haddock. Everybody loves French Fries; we carry over six styles, from thin cut to Crosscut Waffle Fries. And don’t forget the oil; Mel Fry, Magic Fry, Blended Divo, Peanut, Canola, and Pro Fry. We have everything you need for fantastic fryer food. Click on the “Catalog” tab to see more!



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