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Welcome to Dudley Poultry

Distributors of Fine Quality Poultry and Related Products Since 1963

Serving government agencies and other customers in Upstate New York as a wholesale distributor, Dudley Poultry Company, Inc. has manufactured, marketed and distributed fine quality poultry and related products since 1963. We offer Fresh Chicken, Custom Cut Chicken, Frozen Chicken and Pre-Cooked Chicken as well as other meats such as Beef, Pork, and Turkey.

Football, Family and Wings!

Nothing goes together better than a good game of Football and some Wings with the family! Dudley Poultry carries quality fresh cut wings in Jumbo and Roaster sizes. We also carry Disjointed Wings, Whole Wings and even Individually Quick Frozen wings! You’re going to need the sauces to spice up those wings. We carry one of the old favorites – Franks Hot Sauce for your Buffalo-style wings. For a little more fire and great taste, try Franks Extra Red Hot.  We also carry Frank's Ready Mix, Cattleman's Gold and Cattleman's BBQ Mild.  And don’t forget the finishing touch – Admiration Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing at a price you’ll find very competitive.

Tis the Season for Turkeys!

Customers have come to depend on our consistently high quality product, attention to detail, and friendly service; characteristics that have made us one of Upstate New York's premier poultry distributors for over 50 years. Serving customers as a wholesale distributor under the name Dudley Poultry Company, Inc., Finger Lakes Gourmet has manufactured, marketed and distributed fine quality poultry and related products since 1963.We carry many sizes of Turkeys, from 10lbs. to 30lbs.! During the Thanksgiving Season we have fresh and frozen Turkeys. All of our Turkeys have the Finger Lakes Gourmet label with a scenic picture of Keuka Lake. You're a taste away from the Finger Lakes!

Pizza, Pizza, everybody loves Pizza!

Dudley Poultry is continually adding to the variety of products we offer and Pizza products are no exception. Ask a salesman about Sliced Pepperoni or Don Pepino’s Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Pizza Boxes, Dough Balls or pre-baked Crust and gallon cans of Sweet and Hot Banana Peppers, Green and Red Peppers, Black Olives and Mushrooms. We have what you need to make your pizza pies the talk of the town.



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