Dudley Poultry, 910 State Route 245, Middlesex, NY, 14507-9745 - Phone: 1-800-648-6881

We Service Customers in Upstate New York


Customer Comments

Here's what our customer says about us...

"Prices have been fair and quality has been the best for many years of dedicated service."
Ontario, NY

"A great place with which to do business!"
Penn Yan, NY

"Excellent sales people!"
Big Flats, NY

"Problems are taken care of immediately and with concern for our customers."
Syracuse, NY

"Keep up the good work. Your sales people go way beyond the call of duty many times."
Buffalo, NY

"You all really make things easy."
Rochester, NY

"Your customer service and timely deliveries are a bonus in today’s business. Thank you."
Henrietta, NY

 "I have done business with you for 20 years and you have great service, sales and drivers."
Endicott, NY


Please contact the Dudley Poultry Sales Staff at 800-648-6881 to inquire about delivery times and prices.




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