About Dudley

We supply our customers with the freshest poultry and meat around. We get multiple deliveries every week to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Because poultry is our specialty, we offer the largest selection of fresh cut poultry. We are USDA inspected and HACCP certified and offer custom cut chicken to our customer’s specifications. But, don’t forget, we offer much more than poultry! We carry a large line of fresh and frozen beef and pork products, along with appetizers, pizza and deli products, canned goods and every single thing you need for your barbeque.

Our very own fleet of trucks deliver our temperature sensitive products in a timely manner to our customers daily.  Our service is second to none!

Dudley Poultry – Where it’s not the chicken or the egg. The customer always comes first!

Dudley Poultry Company Plant and Warehouse







4000 sq. ft. of cooler space and 4500 sq. ft. of freezer space do more than keep our poultry fresh, they give us the flexibility to satisfy our customers’ needs during peak seasons.

Dudley Poultry Delivery Fleet

Our modern fleet of trucks deliver products fresh to your business. Dudley Poultry trucks are a familiar sight across most of Upstate New York. With daily wash downs inside and out, part of our routine maintenance program, Dudley Poultry trucks are among the cleanest in the meat industry.

On-Premise USDA Inspector

Product safety is a priority at Dudley Poultry. An on-premise USDA inspector works closely with production staff monitoring cleanliness and recorded temperatures. Over and above the USDA requirements, Dudley Poultry abides by an even more stringent annual 3rd party audited Food Safety Program. Dudley Poultry’s Food Safety Program includes mock recalls, a Food Defense Plan, and extensive sanitation, housekeeping, hygiene, packaging, labeling, storage and shipping requirements. All these processes are in place to assure you that all product is handled properly from the moment it arrives at the plant until it reaches your door.