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Turkey - Fresh and Frozen

Fresh Turkeys

Fresh Turkeys - Seasonal

Dudley Poultry proudly carries fresh and frozen turkeys packed in a beautiful Finger Lakes Gourmet label in sizes ranging from 10# to 32#. Fresh Turkeys are only available during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Free posters are available from Dudley Poultry for your Finger Lakes Gourmet turkey point of purchase display. The response to these colorfully packaged turkeys has been exceptional.

Order yours today!

Frozen Turkeys

20-24 lb. Turkey

Frozen Turkeys

  • Frozen Grade A Turkey Hens, 10-12 lb. to 14-16 lb. (FLG)
  • Frozen Grade A Turkey Toms, 16-18 lb. to 28-30 lb. (FLG)
  • Frozen Bone-in Turkey Breast Raw, 4-7 lb., 10-12 lb., 12-14 lb., 14-16 lb.
  • Frozen Ground Turkey (12/1 & Bulk)
  • Frozen Turkey Wings
  • Frozen Turkey Drumsticks
  • Frozen Turkey Thighs
  • Frozen Boneless Turkey Thighs
  • Frozen Boneless Breast in Foil
  • Frozen Turkey Necks
  • Frozen Turkey Gizzard
  • Frozen Turkey Hearts
  • Frozen Turkey Livers

Smoked Turkey

  • Wing
  • Neck
  • Drumstick
  • Tail

Deli Turkey

Fresh Premium Roasted Turkey Breast

Deli Turkey

  • Roasted Turkey Breast
  • Frozen Boneless Raw Turkey Breast Meat


Please contact the Dudley Poultry Sales Staff at 800-648-6881 to inquire about delivery times and prices.



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